Friday, October 22, 2010

Images of him

So day two.. this blogging thing is becoming like a bowl of strawberries drowned in whipped cream..a treat i look forward to.Im still in bed on a friday morning enjoying the break from work after having surgery two weeks you ask ? Thats a story for another day.. anyway so where was i ?yes images of him..The man my heart yearns for..over the years i have come across many theories that speak against finding the one.but as i get to spend more time with God im learning about his nature and how deliberate and specific he is about everything that happens on this great planet.Look at the story of creation in Genesis...he could have chosen to bundle all the creatures into one species ,one group, it would be so easy but instead he took the time to create..carve each and every living being, plant,sky,sea river,rock,down to the very last ant.Does that sound like a person who leaves things to chance? He could have picked out a helper for man from the animals he had already created but he chose to fashion eve from Adams rib...why didnt he just say let there be woman? my mind it is clear that he wanted us to realise that there is that one who was fashioned to fit; Into out story ,into our hearts into our very soul. ..and so the quest continues many endless days and nights human beings  wonder when he /she is coming ..we get into relationships that end and leave us jaded,bitter confused with so many questions..its happened to me too many times.and everytime that happens i run back to his feet and ask ..why? and he whispers into my ears it wasnt him..not yet my child..not yet...and i smile ..because in my heart hope refuses to die ,i have seen him reach out to me in my dreams, i have inhaled his very scent,heard his laughter felt his touch..he is the one God is preparing for me..for he is the creator he knows our innermost thoughts ,i  trust him to lead me to the right person at the right time..i will not conform to what the world says relationships should be, based on passion, attraction, economic stability and status..i want the one who looks into my eyes, hears me even when idont speak, holds me when im weak, calls out the woman i was created to be, deep calling out to deep, soul calling out to soul.I have seen glimpses of it, felt it ,touched it ,closed my eyes and enjoyed it.He is close, theres joy in my heart, excitement in my spirit, the journey is not over it is only beginning  ...

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