Friday, March 25, 2011

10 things that tick me off

Our good pastor has been asking us this question in church...helps you to figure out what ignites your passions thus leading you to figure out your purpose..
1. Our political leaders who don't have a heart for the people who put them in power in the first do they sleep at night..?people are dying and all they do is steal ,eat and steal some more..
2:Even worse are Kenyans who spend 5 years complaining about the state of affairs and come elections they don't even vote..if u didn't vote then shut up!if u want things to change it starts with for the change u want to see.
3.Parents who molest their children..really?are they even human..
4.Media houses/ radio stations that put out trash on the airwaves without considering the repercussions..listening to classic fm in a mat with school going children..that could be your daughter.she grows up thinking its OK if a man treats her like rubbish ...and your son grows up thinking women are mere playthings..bravo!good job...take some responsibility for the moral decay in our society..
5. misses the days men were men and women were women..we got it all twisted !
6.if your man enough to lay with her be man enough to stay with her..children need their fathers!
7.uncouth behavior..throwing food or bottles or papers out of moving vehicles!and u complain about city council not cleaning up??don't get me started with urinating in public....even women are doing it now!saw it with my own eyes..God help us...
8.It seems uve made peace with contracting lung cancer..i on the other hand, like my lungs.blow it in the other direction please..thank you! begins and starts with you.
10.People who do nothing..i want to be a fearless influencer..i pray that my eyes open to see whats around me..that i stop being so self absorbed with making a living that i feel the pain of the poor, to hear the cries of the children, to take care of my environment, to pray for our leaders..HARD as it may be.. Vote for men of good standing.. to respect authority,to give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar and give to God what belongs to make a difference in anyway possible.. To paraphrase a quote i've heard..for evil only triumphs when good men do nothing! So help me God

June 2, 2009

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