Friday, March 25, 2011

Random thoughts

Life's the full roller-coaster...i look back and cant believe the things I've been through..if this was the twenties was like damn wonder how the thirties is going to be!!..oh well its still along way away..(at least that's what i keep telling myself!!)
so from the past few years this is the wisdom Ive come up with..
  life's tough,so live it!the world will still keep turning and people will keep on walking.
look upwards for your source of strength,and sideways if in need of a friend
  don't be afraid to cry,its an expression of your humanity
ask for help if u need it,if u make a mistake don't whine forever learn from it and move on..
and lastly,dont be afraid to love,so what if it hurts,i know now..u cant live if u dont love!

July 23, 2008

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