Friday, March 25, 2011

Music; dedicated to you.

I wrote you a letter
because i wanted you to know
that i wish you had never shut and closed the door
you were the one who connected with my soul
my passsions and fears
made me feel like there was nothing i couldnt do
you touched me with your eyes and held me with your heart
i never had to say a word to say what i was feeling
and yet you taught me to share,speak my mind
all my fears were stripped away, i saw me through your eyes
i was beautiful, iwas gifted,i was adored
i came alive i began to grow
i saw the music that you were teaching me to write
i heard it all around me ,ifelt it on my skin
i felt it on my lips everytime we shared a kiss
and yes i know it ended ,and sometimes the wounds are still sore
but this letter is to tell you now
i wouldnt take it back or change the past
in the end you left me with this gift
they will never understand
why i still smile and go on
but you do,i do, we will always know
music is that love that carries me home

March 17, 2010

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