Friday, March 25, 2011


Just felt the need to jot down some much has happened in the last one year i feel like im constantly having to restart,recharge,re brand...but that's life we you take it everyday as it comes.. and you adjust to every situation and do the very best you can to get through it..Ive loved and lost..loved again..lost AGAIN..ive been cut open physically ,emotionally...and ive felt all kinds of emotions..had to go through things i thought id never have to..but its amazing the peace i is true that God can never take you through more than you can many of my dreams and plans have had to be painfully cut short..but he is the dream giver and i know bigger and better things are coming..right now i can finally concentrate on me..yes there are days i'll be sad..and il find it too hard but i just have to remember how far ive come and the sun comes out again..cant wait for tomorrow..and the day after that..and after much to look forward to..the journey has just began... :)

July 4, 2009

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