Friday, March 25, 2011

So much to live for

I overheard a conversation recently and someone was saying they couldn't understand why someone would get suicidal
the immediate thought in my head was wow you are lucky .I know people who feel suicidal everyday..the ones who wake up in the morning and wish they had died
The pain in your heart and the thoughts in your head they consume you and the only time you find peace is when you lay your head down when you lay your head down to rest
its a darkness that just won't quit, that drags your down and spits you out and drags you down again
But every time you fight it
A small flicker of light, hope pushes you above the surface..a whispered prayer a call to a friend who is willing to listen and for sometime there's peace
Sanity, life, love prevails
this one is dedicated to all of you have contemplated ending it there's hope
our loving God cannot take you through the fire and leave you to burn , but he will lovingly hold you and protect you until his work is done
So do not despair , as the song goes don't give up the fight for your life you shall live and not die!

August 3, 2010

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