Friday, March 25, 2011

Round 2

I've been healthy all my life id never been admitted to hospital or even gone under the knife for any reason ..well until the accident..been admitted twice since then and had to go under for the 2nd time because they didn't get it right the 1st ordinarily id be angry,bitter,depressed,id be looking for ways to sue the docs pants off!that's the normal human reaction...but surprisingly this time around i'm truly at peace,i have joy everyday..because i finally accepted that everything and i mean Everything no matter how painful is going to work out for my good..and now i have a story to tell...oh boy is it a story!!i can empathize with others who have gone through similar situations or worse..i can help them..i can truly say i understand what your going through.ive been to the bottom climbed up to the top,then back to the bottom again..i'm so glad i don't have to rely on my own glad :))

 May 11, 2009

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