Friday, March 25, 2011

Confessions of her

How do i express what i feel ?for so long this is all ive known,
How do i tell you im hurting?
When before i was ignored,
Attacked, dismissed
How do i tell you i love you,when before those words were never echoed
How do i tell you i am afraid
That you'll take advantage of me take my kindness for weakness,walk all over me as i put on a smile doing my best to hide whats inside..
how do i take your hand,
allow you to lead,trust that you'll never let my feet stumble ,when before i fell,and took what felt like a lifetime to get up again.
I am not that girl anymore,the scared,lonely guarded ,untrustworthy,
my savior's love has set me free,i know i can trust him,
I know i can love him,
I know he will lead me to all that's good for me
And protect my healing heart from unnecessary pain
And although yes its hard to bring down the walls that have guarded my heart
It makes it easy knowing i can trust u because you trust him..i am woman i am complex but stick close to him and he will show you
how to watch over and win his daughters precious heart

May 5, 2010

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