Friday, March 25, 2011

Nobodys' home

I used to know her..she was my very best friend..she was so full of life ,so starry eyed life full of promise and excitement..Meeting him only made it better.She knew that it was her destiny to be by his side there were no doubts no fears ...everything seemed was true love.I was happy for her ,how could i not?they were perfect together the bells were ringing..beautiful ,melodious was only a matter of time and so we waited..
As the years went by and life happened we drifted apart..and i often wondered what became of my best friend..until i met her the other day..she wasn't the same girl..i could tell just by looking into her eyes that she was dead inside...barely drifting through the days..her heart was broken..he was gone..she told me she couldn't find a reason to live..that she had lost the will to go on..she was going through the motions of everyday life not knowing if she would ever feel alive again..many would meet her and think she was fine..they were too busy to take time and find out the truth..too busy to hold her hand,wipe her tears,share an embrace.
next time you meet her look closely into her eyes,she isn't there,shes lost in the past,hurting,wounded ,broken.
nobody's home.

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