Friday, March 25, 2011

You do not know the cost

The words from cece winans song alabaster box echo in my mind this morning,you weren't there when he found me, you weren't there when he wrapped his loving arms around me, you don't know the cost of the oil from my alabaster pains me to see my partners in the faith pull each other down,
It would be so beautiful if instead we helped each other to stand, the road is long and hard, and yes my spirit will grow weary and all im asking is that you my brother, my sister will speak words of encouragement and support when i grow tired, sharpen me,build me, walk with me, we have come so far and there's no turning back,
So what i ask of u today is to remember the cross,the story of us, that JESUS saw you and i as we were ,as we are, and he loved us ,he couldn't bare to let us die and spend eternity in torment, so he died..and he said the words it is finished.done.the end..
The cost of his blood can never be priced,but that was the day i gained my freedom.
You dont know the cost so do not remind me of my past,instead, pray with me as i pray for you that we finish the race and do the great works that God has called us to do.

April 26, 2010

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