Friday, March 25, 2011

Diary of a one legged woman

Ok..i'm not one legged but i do have one crutch!..I'm sitting in a restaurant in town impatiently waiting 4my ride home and my mind started thinking back..i documented this year in my head and i'm amazed at how far Ive come..its so easy to complain about today but think back and you will see,how grateful u need to be..
I may complain about my crutch-but there was a time i needed two.
I may complain that walking to the loo is too far-but there was a time i needed help couldn't go alone
I might complain,that i cant hang out with my friends like id like to..
But there was a time i was lying on a tarmac road screaming in pain..wondering whose broken leg i was looking at..
I may complain that my job sucks,but if it wasn't for my job would i have been able to pay the hospital bills?
  I may get frustrated that i have to rely on people to get around and angry sometimes at the physiotherapy and bored at the slow recovery,but i only need to look back to remember i am helmet,hit by a VAN,landed in the middle of a busy junction yet no car ran me can i complain?
So ,are u complaining today?look back ,you are sure to find something to be thankful for.

December 16, 2008

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