Friday, March 25, 2011

Taking stock

Wow how fast this year has gone !a few months ago i was dreading October because I didn't want to turn 27!its the oldest Ive ever been,and i had thought id have done and achieved more than i have..but the past 5months have made me realize that life isn't about ticking against my to do list.its about waking up in the morning and thanking God you're alive..its appreciating the small things like walking to the bathroom.i cant walk right now without crutches so walking is a big deal to me...its enjoying the song you hear on the radio and singing along..who cares if its off key..its about appreciating that job u love to hate,because 4me that job paid my high hospital bills..its about calling your parents to see how they are is all you have when your down,or break a leg!they wont always be around..appreciate them now..its about listening to your gut when it tells you stay away from that man..the heart isn't always right,stay out of his sight!and lastly Ive learned God created the earth and everything in it,why shouldn't i trust him to walk me through this crazy thing called life?acknowledge the creator he truly does knows whats best for you .oh oh!and..NB : there's nothing wrong with buying yourself a present on your birthday!duh i work hard,spoil thyself!happy birthday to me! :)

October 9, 2008

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