Friday, March 25, 2011

First breath

You were there when i took my first breath, and i opened my eyes to take my first glimpse of the world,
You entrusted me to the two most precious individuals ive known, their instructions to raise and guide me and prepare me to stand on my own
I have stood on my own, i have learned to live,
Ive experienced life with all it has to offer,but it never felt right,there was an ache, a hunger a restlessness
A question that needed to be answered,a thirst that needed to be quenched
And so i searched, until the road led me to you,
My creator,my savior,my friend
And all my questions were answered, all the turmoil quelled,i looked back and saw him walking along the road i had traveled,
As I struggled so hard to make it on my own, his outstretched arm waiting to hold mine, and lead me to the purpose he created me for.
I don't need to find myself, i am already found
I don't need to look for love
I am already loved
I don't need to fight the battles
He has already won!
I no longer fear death for i know i will be at peace
Id rather stick to the giver of my first breathe for i know i will be safe when i take my last.
there is a long journey between your first breathe and your last
I don't know about you but id rather have the map than spend years wandering in the dark
Eternal life, eternal death
The choice you and i need to make between my first and last breath.
John 3:16.

May 11, 2010

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