Friday, March 25, 2011


I get encouraged when i read the psalms and lamentations..cause i know im human when i get angry about how things are going around me..i wont going to be many times people walk around saying im good..God is good when deep inside that's not how we really feel....i get mad when i see the wicked prosper...i get mad when so many people in our country go unattended to and sleep out in the cold and on an empty stomach..i get mad when i see the people who treat me like crap prospering , didn't you say vengeance is mine?..i get mad when all the things i pray for don't get answered ,when ive spent nights crying and asking and asking and in the end feel abandoned like an orphan...i get mad cause just when it looks like its getting better it gets worse...i get mad that im mad at God who says in his word that it will work out for my good...i get mad that im not stronger ...i  get mad that im not patient...i get mad that im pulling tantrums at my father...i get mad that im weak..i get mad cause i want to be better

November 5, 2009

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