Friday, March 25, 2011

2009...lessons learnt

1. I am completely nothing without God..
2.when a friend walks away let them go..
3.True fulfillment comes from aligning myself to Gods will.don't kid yourself..the job,money,the house or the car woman or man will NEVER fill up that God shaped spot in all of us.
4.Family..precious companions don't take them for granted..
5.if you are healthy,can walk and jump be grateful
  don't wait until your lying on a hospital bed to appreciate it.
6.saying i love you doesn't make u weak..i love all my boys all my true blue girls woi how now would i have hacked without y'all mnanijua!
7.Greatness is in embracing it ..its my year to step out..
8.Singleness isn't a disease!lol..its a season!
9.lastly im not perfect im glad that im weak im glad i have imperfections it keeps me humble and reliant on God each and everyday

December 31, 2009

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